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I'm V, an aspiring modder who somewhat recently got into the game, I have some experience modding random games and I'd like to transfer some of that knowledge into making some mods for XIV.

Commissions info

What I do:
• Hair ports/mashups/Hat compatibility
• 3D edits
• Upscaling /Downscaling (Resizing in 3D) Armor
• Ports from other games ( If provided with model )
• Music Swaps/Custom music
• Custom VFX
• Random stuff that you can think of ( Minions, Mounts, Props )
• Animation Stuff ( Limited )
• More stuff as time goes on ❤️
What I don't do:
• Extreme NSFW Mods
I'm not going to throw a hissy fit at having to see a nipple
or whatever, but please try to keep it tasteful.
• Use other modders' assets without you acquiring permission

• My base pricing is 10€ due to Paypal's fees.
• I only accept payments made through Ko-fi
• From this price it depends on how fast I can complete the commission, and how difficult it is.
• Upscales/Downscales, Ports, and Custom Requests have a higher price due to this.
• I try to keep things open to negotiation to the best of my abilities.

- I reserve the rights over the final "artwork" (meaning: I can use them in portfolios)
- Please make sure you're satisfied with the results before payment, as I consider commissions done after, unless there is some huge mistake.
- I reserve the right to decline any commission request without justification
- You may not redistribute your commission in your name, without crediting me.
- Keeping your commissions is your responsibility, I won't be able to recover it if you lose them.